Encouraging Ani's Snack Production Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Tri Restiani’s snack production has declined due to the pandemic. Through the Waqf for Indonesian MSMEs, she intends to increase her production so that she can earn more money for her family.

Ani receives financial assistance from Waqf for MSME program. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANYUMAS – Tri Restiani, commonly called Ani, received financial assistance from Waqf for the MSMEs program on Tuesday (6/29/2021). Through this assistance, she hopes to increase her snack business.

Ani started her business three years ago when she decided to quit her job. With her cooking skills, she makes bite-sized traditional snacks such as pastel, mata roda, nagasari, and fruit pies at her home in Karanglewas Kidul Village, Karanglewas District, Banyumas.

“I quitted my job because I have to take care of my two children,” explained a mother of three-and-half-year-old twin toddlers. Her husband works in a restaurant. Ani takes care of her children while busy managing the business. “The income from this business is sufficient to increase the family's income and to cover some expenses such as milk for my children," she added.

During the covid-19 pandemic, Ani’s snack production has declined. Likewise, the restaurant where her husband works has also been affected. Her husband only works once every two days.

Through Waqf for the MSMEs program, Ani hopes her business can stay afloat. "Through this assistance, I want to buy additional food-making tools and add new variants of product," explained Ani. []