Enhancing the Waqf Habit During Ramadan

ACT, in collaboration with BTN Syariah, encourages the public to become familiar with waqf, particularly during Ramadan.

An-Nur Mosque
An-Nur Mosque becomes the site of the Waqf Well's construction in Kresek, Tangerang. (ACTNews)

ACTNews,  JAKARTA – On Friday (4/15/2022), Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Central Jakarta and BTN Syariah organized a Ramadan gathering. Ustaz Amir Faishol Fath, the National Muslim Preacher, completed the gathering titled Maksimalkan Ramadhan dengan Wakaf  (Maximize Ramadan with Waqf). 400 BTN Syariah workers and customers attended the online gathering.

According to Aat Solihat, Branch Manager of ACT Central Jakarta, this gathering served as a meeting event and a source of waqf teaching, particularly during Ramadan. In addition, the team also held an invitation to build a waqf well in Kresek District, Tangerang Regency, which is one of the areas most vulnerable to the clean water issue.

"Hopefully, the kindness program that we're working on will offer benefits and blessings like the water that continues to flow from Waqf Wells," said Aat.


Abdul Firman, Head of BTN Syariah's Sharia Business Division, welcomed the Ramadan gathering and raised awareness for Waqf Wells. Furthermore, this call to kindness can be carried out throughout Ramadan, which is a month of blessings.

"Therefore, BTN Syariah, in collaboration with ACT, commits to assist customers and the community in general in delivering clean water to rural areas of Indonesia through the Waqf Well development program," he stated.

 According to Ustaz Amir, one of the meanings of waqf is to perpetuate property. Furthermore, because humans only live once, the chance to do good deeds must be exploited to ensure provision in the afterlife.

"Waqf is much more than a mosque. It has the potential to be a life-enhancing solution. Therefore, when it becomes something eternal, productive, and useful, the bigger the reward, the more valuable it is," Ustaz Amir elaborated. []