Enlivening Eid Al-Fitr Despite War and Pandemic

Yemen has been trapped between the raging war and the threatening global pandemic of COVID-19. Amid all of these crises, ACT has been continuously sending gifts to the needy, including the Eid gifts given to Yemeni children to elate their Eid.

Yemeni children holding their food packages. (ACTNews).

ACTNews, YEMEN - Little hands were holding each EId package given to them. Some children were trying the new clothes that had just been bought. The distribution of Eid packages and new clothes in the city of Taiz enlivened The Eid celebration of the Yemeni children.

These children have been living in a nightmare. In addition to the civil war that has been raging for years, they are also threatened by the global pandemic of COVID-19. To bring happiness to these children, ACT sent Eid gifts to the cities of Taiz, Hamdan, Al Wahda, Amanh Al Asimah, and Al Zuhrah.

"Besides the raging war, the children are also living under the threat of the coronavirus. It is difficult to face the COVID-19 epidemic in secure countries, let alone in war-torn ones," Said Mukkafiy from Global Humanity Response (GHR) – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) said on Thursday (5/28). Yemen has recorded 265 COVID-19 positive cases with 53 fatalities.

Thanks to the donations from Ms. Ratih Sulanjari, Mr. Bambang, and Ms. Hertin Sigit, 812 children received the EId packages brought by ACT. The distribution took place on Friday (5/22) and Saturday (5/23). Said hoped that, no matter how difficult the situation may be, their spirit and hope will live on.


One of the children who received an Eid package from ACT. (ACTNews)

"812 children who are orphans and poor received the Eid packages. We hope that, despite their difficult situation, their hope and determination live on. We are all here to encourage them with our generosity, " added Said.

Reported by BBC, Dr Shalal Hasel an official from the Department of Epidemiological Surveillance in the Yemeni province of Lahj sounded despondent when explaining how the hospitals in Yemen are not ready to face the Coronavirus outbreak. "You'll know about the deteriorating health situation in Yemen - especially after conflict and war. Hospitals here are limited and not equipped to receive coronavirus cases," he said.

Mohamed Alshamaa from Save The Children is also worried about what may hit the country's hospitals. Only half of which are operational due to the war. "You can see the fear in the faces of not just the doctors but the management too. We have some doctors in one or two hospitals who have sent away normal respiratory patients fearing they are coronavirus cases because they do not have the right protective equipment," he stated, reported by BBC.

Yemen currently has only 208 ventilators; another 417 are supposed to be on their way. It's a long way short of the many thousands being gathered or manufactured by developed countries. []