Ensuring Solo Citizens’ Health in Ramadan through Medical Services

This year’s Ramadan is the second one in a pandemic. Of course, there must be precautions that must be taken to prevent from contracting Coronavirus when doing acts of worship, one of them is by undergoing a medical checkup.

Medical checkup from the Humanity Medical Services team in Solo.
Medical checkup from the Humanity Medical Services team in Solo. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOLO – In the first week of Ramadan, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Greater Solo held a Free Medical Service from the Humanity Medical Services team in Keprabon, Surakarta. The event which was held on Sunday (04/18/2021) was aiming to ensure the health of the citizens during Ramadan. Tens of citizens of various ages got their health checked.

One of the patients, Endang, said that she was so happy with the free medical checkup event. She barely got herself checked since her children were busy with work. “Everytime I feel sick, I will just endure it and sleep. Then, since I got checked by the doctor, I’m happy because there are people who care for me,” she said.

Many Keprabon residents who got themselves checked mostly have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, uric acid, and cholesterol. “Through this medical checkup, we not only provided medicines but also education about healthy life after knowing their health condition,” explained Ardiyan Sapto from ACT Greater Solo Program team.

The Humanity Medical Services is ACT’s Medical Program that was launched due to the urgent need for free medical services, especially for underprivileged people. The program has provided medical services, both for the community in general or disaster victims such as those in West Sulawesi last January and the flash flood victims in NTT.[]