Enung's Resilience to Support Her Family During A Pandemic

Enung faces many trials. She is a resident of Tasikmalaya City. Amid her efforts to meet the needs of her family, a pandemic came and affected her business.

Global Wakaf-ACT
Global Wakaf-ACT team buys up Enung’s sales. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – Enung (49) has done various kinds of work, such as factory worker and daily laborer. She works to provide for the needs of her family. An inspiring woman from Tawang, Tasikmalaya City, has been struggling alone for four years since her husband passed away. 

Currently, Enung supports her two children. Previously, Enung also took care of his elderly and sick parents. In that condition, she decided to sell nasi kuning (turmeric rice), so she can still do the house chores.

However, Enung faces many trials. Her sales were affected by the pandemic. Her income dropped drastically. She could sell up to five kilograms of rice, but now only about two kilograms. "Now, I only sell two kilograms of nasi kuning, even it rarely runs out. If there is some left, I share it with my neighbors or passing pedicab drivers,” she said, Monday (9/6/2021).

To appreciate Enung’s economic struggle, Global Wakaf-ACT bought up Enung’s merchandise in September. Enung was happy and excitedly wrapped her sales. Enung was also grateful that ACT distributed her sales to impoverished people for free. 

“Buying up merchandise program does not benefit MSME owners affected by the pandemic but also sharing with people in need. This action is driven by the generosity of the community,” explained Fauzi Ridwan from the Global Wakaf-ACT Tasikmalaya Program team.[]