Eros Expects Her Business To Survive After Decades Of Trading

For more than 30 years, Eros Rosmiati (57) traded various foods, especially kupat tahu. However, during this pandemic, the lack of buyers is a difficulty for Eros' business.

Eros runs this business on her own to provide for her family's needs. (ACTNews/Moch Miftah Fauzi)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – Eros Rosmiyati (57) sells various dishes, including kupat tahu. She has felt the ups and downs of selling since she was young, 38 years ago. Her husband, who used to help, has even passed away since 2013, so she runs this business herself.

Eros' toughness in trading has been proven. From the sales, she can support her children and her mother, who now lives in her house. Unfortunately, the stock of the Eros stall on Jalan Ahmad Yani, Sukamanah Village, Cipedes District, Tasikmalaya City is not as much as before.

The pandemic also has an impact on Eros' business. Currently, she only sells kupat tahu and a few crackers on the cart. “Previously, Alhamdulillah, many people bought my merchandise. Now, there are many other sellers, and the buyers are also reduced due to the pandemic,” said Eros to Global Wakaf-ACT Tasikmalaya Team on Monday (9/27/2021).

Even so, she still strives with enthusiasm to pursue her business. "Pray for me to be healthy and able to continue selling to meet the needs at home,” added Eros.

To help and support Eros's struggle, Global Wakaf-ACT Tasikmalaya bought up her merchandise through Buy Up the Merchandise Increase the Capital program. The team on that day also provided additional capital to increase the sales of Eros which had run out.

Eros expressed her gratitude because her merchandise on that day sold out quickly. "I can only pray to Allah. Hopefully, the effort to lighten the burden of others will be good deeds for all of you," said Eros.

The team distributed purchased food to other people, such as rickshaw pullers, parking attendants, and those in need. Buy Up the Merchandise Increase the Capital program can provide benefits to MSME owners. []