Essential Clean Water Source in Genting Hamlet, Bekasi

Clean water has become a luxury good in Genting Hamlet, Sukaringin Village, Sukawangi, Bekasi. It is because, in Genting Hamlet, the water source is no longer suitable to be consumed by the residents.

Bekasi water crisis.
Suryati filters water she fetched from the well. The filtering process takes two to three times to make the water a little clearer. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BEKASI – These past few months, the north part of Bekasi is struggling with a water crisis, especially those in Genting Hamlet, Sukaringin Village, Sukawangi. The condition is worsen with a lack of rain in the area.

Suryati, one of Genting Hamlet residents, revealed that she has been struggling to access clean water for the past four months. The situation happens every year within the last seven years. Residents are forced to use the available water from the Citarum tributary which is not completely clear.

“When it rains, we will just use rainwater. It's better than river water which currently is dry," said Suryati in early September when met by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT).

When ACT team visited Suryati’s neighborhood, there was a 10 meters depth dug well with poor condition. The water that comes out was dark and smelly, yet the residents still use the water for their daily needs. The situation has caused clean water to be a very urgent need in Genting Hamlet.

“Before using the water, we have to filter it two to three times that will only produce a bucket of water,” added Suryati.

Apart from the dug well, there is also an artesian well around the neighborhood. The artesian well is used by the entire residents in the RW by taking turns every two hours.

The current condition of the dug well that is used as the residents’ water source. (ACTNews)

“Imagine, we can only fetch water from this one source every two hours for five to ten houses. It requires a lot of time and patience. Therefore, rather than waiting for too long, some of the residents decide to fetch water from the river or dug well. As for drinking water, we usually buy the water for IDR 5 thousand per gallon,” explained Agus Salim, Head of RW 03, Sukaringin Village, Sukawangi, Bekasi.

Agus added that he and his residents only hope for an effective solution to solve the water crisis since many of the residents have suffered from skin diseases due to unsuitable water usage. Therefore, a new artesian well is urgently needed by the residents.[]