Evacuees in Masamba Overwhelmed to Receive Qurbani Packages

This year, Annisa (46), a flood survivor in Kampal Kappuna Village, did not expect to celebrate Eid Al-Adha in evacuation site. Yet, she is grateful for being able to gather with her family. She is very happy to receive qurbani meat from her brothers and sisters who still care about them.

Annisa (46), a flood survivor in Kampal Kappuna Village, Masamba, North Luwu. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, NORTH LUWU - Annisa (46) wiped tears when retelling the story of how she lost their home due to the flood that hit her village. Now, she can only remember the event, trying to find the wisdom behind it.

"I never expected to spend this year’s Eid Al-Adha in the tent. Nevertheless, I am grateful that all of my family members are safe even though our house was destroyed,” said Annisa. She was also grateful because in this Eid Al-Adha, there are people who care about them and delivered qurbani meat to them.

On Saturday (8/1), Global Qurban - ACT volunteers distributed qurbani meat to flash flood survivors in Kampal Kappuna Village, Masamba Subdistrict, North Luwu. The meat is distributed from tent to tent, where the evacuees cooked the meat together.

Another beneficiary who was grateful for the qurbani distribution was Rosita who is also from Kampal Kappuna Village. "We can cook the meat. We also received rice and cooking oil. Those are exactly what we need," said Rosita.

In this Eid Al-Adha season, Global Qurban – ACT South Sulawesi delivered the delight of qurbani meat to the North Luwu flood victims. Global Qurban – ACT South Sulawesi Branch Manager Catherin Imran explained, ten heads of cattle were slaughtered and cut up into hundreds of packages of meat for the flood victims.

"We also set up a public kitchen to cook some of the qurbani meat. "The qurbani dishes were enjoyed by evacuees at a number of evacuation sites," said Catherin.

She also hoped that, after the qurbani, the generous benefactors will continue helping North Luwu flood survivors. Catherin added, the flood survivors are still in dire need of assistance.

"Some of them have lost their homes. They are also still very dependent on humanitarian assistance. Let's help the flood victims to have a better livelihood," said Catherin. []