Ever-Escalating Conflict Worsened Syria’s Famine

Ever-escalating conflict burned some farmlands throughout regions.

ACTNews, IDLIB – An attack was launched to numerous villages and cities in Syria. The attack happened in northwest of Syria. As the implication, food distribution in those regions were suspended, as warned by the UN’s food agency.

Moreover, the UN had also stated that food distribution in regions south of Idlib had been disturbed since the escalation on 30th April, as reported by Al Jazeera on Tuesday (6/11).

World Food Program sounded similar projections. They stated that it would be difficult to distribute food to 7.000 people in Qalaat al-Madiq region, where attack after attack had continued intensely since last May.

The UN regretted how farming sector was impacted. Approximately 18.000 hectares of farmland were burned down in the last one week. This incident worsened famine the Land of Sham.

One of British social institution released a report of the impact of air attack in Idlib. In their report, approximately 1.500 people were impacted, half of them were civilians. On Monday (6/10), the attack killed 25 people, the majority of whom were civilians. The UN reported, 300.000 people had evacuated to safer regions on Turkish borders.

Beside foods, the refugees also lost their houses. Hakem Darwish, a refugee, told Al Jazeera how his family had been constantly on the move for the last five years. They moved from northern Idlib to escape conflict in his neighborhood. His family became one of housing beneficiaries.

“Right now, we’re a little relieved with this aid. We’re still sad, though, that we don’t have toilet or bathroom,” Darwish admitted.

Syrian conflict, started eight years ago, had been the main factor of humanitarian catastrophe. Thousands of people had fallen victims since the conflict started in 2011; millions more had been displaced, and even children were deprived of their rights to go play and go to schools since there were no safe places in the country. []

Courtesy: Al Jazeera, UN