Evi Ready to Continue Her Business After Quarantine

When she was undergoing self-isolation, Evi Wulandari (35)’s grocery shop and meatball business stopped running. Even though it is difficult, she is now ready to continue her business after making full recoveries.

After her meatball cart was broken, Evi sells her meatballs at a stall near her house. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Evi Wulandari (35) is finally able to run her businesses again after receiving capital assistance and mentoring from Global Wakaf – ACT’s Waqf for MSMEs program that aims to help her businesses thrive.

Evi's grocery shop first opened in 2015. Then, she started selling meatball soup to make an additional income. “I run these businesses to make ends meet. My husband only works odd jobs. He only has jobs if someone needs his service,” she said on Thursday (9/23/2021). Sadly, her family’s livelihood was severely hampered in July when all of her family members contracted COVID-19. They had to undergo self-isolation for about a month, relying only on the little money they had.

"During the quarantine, we had no income. We used up all of our money for our daily needs. My meatball cart got broken after it was left unused for quite a long time,” said Evi. She now sells her meatball soup at a stall near her house.

Although it is difficult to start over due to the lack of capital, Evi is able to get back on her feet. She also started selling chicken noodles in addition to her meatball soup. Evi was very happy with the capital assistance from Global Wakaf-ACT and hoped to be able to develop her businesses. "I plan to begin peddling meatball soup again, and I want to buy more items for my grocery shop," said Evi. []