Explosion Destroys Oxygen Depot at Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon

The blast occurred at the Burj Shemali Camp, the poorest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. According to a report, several refugees died and were injured.

Explosion at the Palestinian refugee camp, Burj al-Shemali. (Special Document)

ACTNews, LEBANON – The explosion occurred in the Burj al-Shemali refugee camp near the coastal city of Tyre, South Lebanon, Friday (12/10/2021) night. At least 12 people were injured in several explosions in the camp housing Palestinian refugees.

Based on a report from local authorities, the explosion occurred due to an electrical short circuit in a warehouse containing oxygen cylinders for coronavirus patients. Some other items stored in the warehouse include detergents and disinfectants.

Video from the scene shared by local media showed some bright red flashes, followed by a large explosion and the sound of glass breaking. The fire that grabbed the oxygen cylinder was suspected to be the reason for the magnitude of the blast.

The post-explosion fire also damaged several public properties. However, the relevant authorities have not described and detailed the total loss.

Post-Explosion Shooting

After the refugees' sadness over the explosion had subsided, they had to be terrified after armed groups opened fire in the refugee area. The incident on Sunday (12/12/2021) resulted in four casualties and the injuries of several others. The shooting took place as the explosion victims were being laid to rest.

Tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees and their descendants live in Lebanon. They stay in 12 refugee camps located throughout Lebanon. Burj Shemali Camp, on the other hand, is known as Lebanon's poorest camp. The majority of refugees are jobless, while others work as seasonal farmers. []