Facilitating Blind Muslim Students in Palembang through Digital Braille Qur’an Waqf

Global Wakaf – ACT South Sumatra gave dozens of copies of Digital Braille Qur’an funded by waqf from the endowers to the blind Muslim students in Yayasan Netra Mandiri in Palembang City. These waqf Qur’an copies are expected to help these students in learning the Qur’an.

waqf quran braille
Handover of the Qur’an copies to representatives from Yayasan Netra Mandiri (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PALEMBANG – Voices of students reciting the Qur’an were heard when Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) South Sumatra arrived at Yayasan Netra Mandiri in Palembang. Using special braille Qur’an copies, they read the holy book by touching the letters on each page.

“They learn to read the Qur’an, from the introduction to Arabic letters, their pronunciation, to finally reciting the Qur’an. The teachers here guide them patiently using a special method. They read the Qur’an by touching. All we ask is for Allah to be pleased with our efforts,” said Anton, one of the board members of Yayasan Netra Mandiri.

Yayasan Netra Mandiri is a foundation established two years ago to help blind people in Palembang. It holds daily Islamic classes since its establishment two years ago. The foundation focuses on blind people who have graduated from Special Schools (SLB) and those who want to study Islam.

Inspired by their work, ACT South Sumatra distributed dozens of copies of the digital braille Qur’an on Thursday (10/21/2021) to facilitate their learning.

“Alhamdulillah, we channeled the donation from the donors to support our blind brothers and sisters to study the Qur’an. We hope that what has been endowed can boost our brothers and sisters’ spirit here. This is our duty as Muslims to maintain the Islamic civilization,” said Aris, Program Coordinator of ACT South Sumatra. []