Fadhli Awaits Generosity to Cure His Hydrocephalus

Fadhli, a six-month-old baby from Batam, is currently suffering from hydrocephalus. He is surviving with minimal treatment due to the unfavorable economic situation of the family.

Fadhli's condition with hydrocephalus. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BATAM – Fadhli is only six months old. However, the first son of the Martias and Wiwin must suffer from hydrocephalus which makes his head grow bigger and interferes with development. Currently, Fadhil can only lie weak.

Fadhil needs special medical treatment to cure his illness. Unfortunately, economic conditions forced the baby to survive with his current conditions. Martias, Fadhli's father, works in a shipyard as a helper with a salary of tens of thousands per hour. However, he never fully worked in a month, so it affected the money he earned. It is also an obstacle to Fadhli's treatment. Moreover, his father must meet daily needs.

“I have never worked a full month. In the last four months, I only worked 15 to 20 days because I had to accompany Fadhil,” he said.


There is not much that parents can do to cure Fadhli. They can only keep working to earn income. The economic burden is even greater because they have not paid rent for three months. They live in the Seibanti area, Sagulung District, Batam.

"We will do our best to help Fadhli and his family. We hope that many people will donate so that Fadhil can be treated immediately," said Khairul Hafiz from ACT Batamteam, Monday (9/13/2021).

Currently, ACT Batam is raising funds through Indonesia Dermawan for Fadhli's treatment. Hopefully, we can collect donations for medical and the daily needs of Fadhli and his family.[]