Fahri: I Want To Be A Religious Teacher

Fahri has overcome numerous challenges in pursuit of his aim of becoming a religious teacher. However, the junior high school kid continues to demonstrate his abilities by studying and memorizing the Quran.

Fahri memorizes four Quran chapters. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY – Muhammad Fahri Fauzan has established himself through his accomplishments. He is currently in junior high school and is doing well academically. He is also continuing his efforts to memorize the Quran. He has memorized four chapters of the Quran so far.

"I want to preach. Hence, my dream is to become a religious teacher. All I have to do now is continue to learn and pray. I want to graduate from junior high school and continue my education at an Islamic boarding school or Islamic school," On Thursday (20/1/2022), Fahri remarked at his home in Kramat Village, Cikaret Village, Cibinong District, Bogor Regency.

Fahri's trip is long and winding. When he and his grandma moved to Jakarta, they lived on the streets due to a lack of cash. He even lived in a prayer room until residents begged him to leave. "Residents informed the mosque's committee because they were uncomfortable," Fahri recalled.

Fahri has now returned to Bogor with his grandmother. Fahri and his grandmother live with his uncle and father there. Fahri's father, usually called Pran, used to work in several companies. Now, he works as a casual worker with an uncertain income. 

Pran is pleased to watch Fahri's progress and intends to continue to support his son's dream. "As long as he is treated kindly, he does not argue much. He has a high level of intelligence because he picks up on everything we teach him quickly. My responsibility, on the other hand, is greater. I am terrified if he goes the wrong route because he's brilliant," Pran added.

Through the Friends of Indonesian Students program, Global Zakat-ACT sponsored scholarships. Hopefully, Fahri will be inspired to reach his greatest potential through this program. []