Fajr Alms Help Rebuild a Mosque in Earthquake-Hit Mamuju

Fajr Alms have tangible benefits that include not only food provision but also mosque construction. Recently, Aksi Cepat Tanggap inaugurated a mosque in the earthquake-hit Mamuju funded by fajr alms from generous benefactors.

mosque mamuju
At-Tin MM Mosque in Mamuju. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MAMUJU – Prior to the earthquake that hit Orobatu Village, Tapalang District, Mamuju, West Sulawesi, the residents had a mosque named Al-Khairat mosque that was established in 2001. The mosque in the village whose majority of residents work as fishermen was destroyed along with their houses.

Maraeni (48), one of the residents, said the massive earthquake deeply frightened them. They immediately scattered to flee to a higher place for fear of a tsunami.

“We were afraid of a tsunami. We immediately ran to high places. From above, we saw our houses and the mosque collapse. We are deeply saddened and have no money to rebuild our houses and mosque,” said Maraeni.

After the earthquake, residents set up tents for shelter and a mosque. They prayed inside the tent while waiting for the tent to be rebuilt.

At-Tin MM Mosque is located in an earthquake-hit location. (ACTNews)

New mosque rebuilt

The Orobaru villagers had since been hoping for a new mosque. Finally, a new mosque was built that is even bigger than the mosque that was flattened by the earthquake.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) partnered with generous philanthropists and the Komunitas Muslimah Millionaire to build a mosque named At-Tin MM mosque. The mosque is 144 square meters wide while the mosque that was destroyed by the earthquake was only 81 square meters wide.

“The mosque was built as a result of the contribution from the generous donors through ACT. Insha Allah, the blessing will reach both the donors and the worshippers who will fill the mosque with religious activities,” said Syahrul Mubaraq from Aksi Cepat Tanggap, Thursday (11/18/2021).

Elated by the inauguration of the mosque, the residents flocked to the mosque. They made traditional snacks to be eaten together as a form of celebration and a way to strengthen their solidarity.

“Since the renovation of the mosque finished, the mosque has been used not only a place for prayer but also for other Islamic activities such as Quran recitation and Mawlid celebration. The residents are very happy. We hope that their love for the mosque will continue increasing so that it will be enlivened with Islamic activities,” said Maraeni.

The inauguration of the mosque was attended by the head of Tapalang District Head and ACT’s Humanity Food Truck.[]

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