Families in Yemen Scavenge Food on Landfills

The economic crisis in Yemen has caused food prices to soar. The poor Yemenis have no choice but to consume waste food from dumps to survive.

Yemen crisis.
A boy drinks an expired juice on a pile of trash in a landfill in Sanaa, Yemen. (Reuters/Mohamed al-Sayagh)

ACTNews, YAMAN – the economic crisis in Yemen continues to deteriorate day by day. The conflict that has been going on for years has caused devaluation. The Yemeni Rial has dropped its value by 40 percent to the USD within the first eight months of 2021.

The current condition causes a soar in food prices. According to the World Food Programme (WFP), the impact of the devaluating Yemeni Rial in several areas is a rise of food prices up to 60 percent.

The Yemenis who mostly are poor now hardly able to afford proper food. A tragic condition happens in several areas in Yemen where many people are forced to consume waste food they found in dumps.

Firdaus Guritno from ACT’s Global Humanity Response explains that even though humanitarian assistance is still continuously distributed, in fact, the food insecurity rate in Yemen is still very high.

“According to the data from WFP, around 16.2 million people in Yemen are food insecure. More than 5 million others are on the verge of acute hunger and are struggling to purchase enough food for a day," explained Firdaus, Monday (11/1/2021).

A recent survey showed that there are gaps in daily consumption among one-third of families in Yemen. They have never consumed proper and nutritious food such as nuts, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, or meat.[]