Family Waqf Wells Support the Personal Hygiene Habits of Pandeglang Residents

With this Family Waqf Wells, the local residents will no longer have to do their personal hygiene activities in the river.

ACTNews, PANDEGLANG - After nearly a month of construction, now all the Family Waqf Wells in Kadugadung and Kaducekek Villages, Cipeucang Subdistrict, Pandeglang Regency, Banten, have finally been completed. A total of 10 Family Waqf Wells have been able to be used since August 27th.

"Alhamdulillah, on August 27, all the inscriptions and all the Family Waqf Wells have been installed, and the wells could finally be used by the beneficiaries," Sukma from Global Wakaf team on said on Thursday (8/29).

Sukma revealed that the presence of the Waqf Wells was to support the community’s personal hygiene activities and make it more comfortable. This is because people usually use water from rivers for various purposes.

"So this Family Waqf Wells are used for a more personal use, unlike the Waqf Wells that we build for public. In this village, the people like to use water in the river. So, they also do their personal hygiene activities on the river bank. By making the Waqf Wells for the families here, we hope that they will facilitate the personal hygiene activities," Sukma said.

Rofiudin as one of the heads of the neighborhood associations (RT) in Kadugadung Village, confirmed the behavior of the residents who often take the water for their daily activities from the river. Rofiudin's own home does not yet have its own bathroom. Along with seven other houses in his area, he relies on the river as a source of water.

"We use the water from the river for bathing, defecation, laundry, and dish washing. For cooking and drinking, we use the water that we buy for IDR 5,000 each gallon. The delivery cost is IDR 10,000. Two gallons of water will last about two to three days," said Rofi in early August.

Rofiudin is grateful that Sumur Waqf can help the locals to get water. He hoped, that the Family Waqf Wells can change the personal hygiene habits of the local villagers.

Almuktarodi as Head of Karanggadung Village, also welcomed the Family Waqf Well program. He thanked the entire Global Wakaf team who initiate the construction of the Family Waqf Well. He also hopes that the Family Waqf Well can also create awareness in the community to do personal hygiene activities more regularly.

"With this program, hopefully the community can no longer do their personal hygiene activities in the river, but at home. And in the future, hopefully the community can pay more attention to cleanliness, using clean water, "Almuktarodi said. []