Farmers in Cabean Village Face Multiple Problems this Harvest Season

In Cabean Village, farmers are facing compounded difficulties. In addition to a pest attack, they still have to deal with high fertilizer prices, low yields, and decreasing price of unhusked rice.

Subali and his family harvest rice, Wednesday (3/17/2021). The price of unhusked rice in Cabean Village has now decreased during the harvest season. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BLORA - The harvest season in Cabean Village, Cepu, Blora has arrived. However, many farmers haven’t been very enthusiastic. Many were complaining about the low yields, pest attack, and the high prices of fertilizer.

The majority of the residents of Cabean Village are farmers. Agricultural products have been their main source of income. Hence, it is natural for them to bemoan the problems that they are facing amid the harvest season.

One of the farmers in Cabean Village who felt that the yield was not optimal was Subali (39). This harvest season, Subali reaped only 1.2 tons of unhusked rice. Previously, he produced up to three tons of rice. "I'm still grateful nevertheless. Currently, some of the farmers have been suffering a decrease in their yield by half. Insha Allah, the yield is still sufficient for the preparation of Ramadan,” said Subali, Wednesday (3/17/2021).

To make their condition worse, the price of unhusked rice also fell from IDR 4,000 to IDR 3,000 each kilogram.

However, Subali was grateful that his rice was purchased by Global Wakaf-ACT through the Productive Rice Field Waqf program at a higher price. "Alhamdulillah, my rice was bought at a higher price. Hopefully, this can help my livelihood in welcoming Ramadan,” said Subali happily. []