Farmers in North Landasan Ulin Saddened by Plummeting Vegetable Price

During harvest season, the selling price of vegetables in the North Landasan Ulin Village, Banjarbaru City sharply drops. For this reason, Global Wakaf – ACT aims to provide solutions to the problems faced by local farmers.

landasan ulin
Santoso (left) accompanied by MPPI companion for North Labuhan Ulin Ustaz Ali Ridho (right). (ACTNews/Gusti Fikri)

ACTNews, BANJARBARU - Farmers in North Landasan Ulin (North Labuhan Ulin) Village, Banjarbaru City, bemoan plummeting price of their produce during the harvest season.

This is what has been experienced by the thirty-four farmers under the guidance of the Indonesian Food Producers Society (MPPI) under Global Wakaf – ACT in North Labuhan Ulin. One of them, Santoso, said the price of mustard greens and celery that he planted had fallen.

"Currently, one bunch of mustard greens is sold for IDR 800 to 1,000. Normally, it is above IDR 2,000," said Santoso when met in his garden in Kampung Baru, North Labuhan Ulin Village, Thursday (10/21/2021).

Santoso said, the condition has been going on for two weeks. He is worried that this condition will continue and cause significant losses for himself and other farmers. One of the contributing factors is the bad weather. "I hope the weather will be good because usually if the weather is good, the selling price can go up immediately, “said Santoso.

The MPPI North Labuhan Ulin Program Assistant, Ustaz Ali Ridho, admitted that vegetable prices have decreased since early October, especially the price of mustard greens.

“Based on our observation, the price of mustard greens is IDR 500 to IDR 1,000 a bunch. This is truly saddening to see this because farmers really hope that, as the harvest is good, the price will also be good,” said Ustaz Ali.

MPPI North Labuhan Ulin aims to provide a solution to this problem by packing the vegetables produced by the farmers under its guidance to be branded as Sayur Si Apan.  

“We have opened Si Apan Vegetable Stall has been opened in the Handil Bakti area, Barito Kuala Regency. Hopefully, we can increase sales of the vegetables. In addition, we also mobilize mothers who are active on social media to market our vegetables," explained Ustaz Ali.

This method, said Ustaz Ali, is done so that the vegetables grown by these local farmers can be purchased at the best price. "If their crops are bought, of course, they will be very happy," concluded Ustaz Ali.

On a separate occasion, ACT South Kalimantan Branch Manager Zainal Arifin, said ACT South Kalimantan is also trying to support the farmers through Cheap Food Operation.

“We are currently initiating the Cheap Food Operation program to buy the farmers’ vegetables which then will be resold at affordable prices for the beneficiaries,” said Zainal.

This program is expected to benefit both farmers and people in need. "Insha Allah, we will launch this Cheap Food Operation program on Saturday (30/10/2021)," said Zainal. []