Fatimah Continues Selling Citrus After South Kalimantan Flood

Fatimah's citrus garden was damaged by the flooding in South Kalimantan. At the moment, Fatimah is trying to continue selling citrus although there are only a few buyers.

Fatimah at her house when met by Global Wakaf – ACT South Kalimantan in February. Her house and plantation were damaged by the flood. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANJAR - For ten years, Fatimah, a woman who lives on Jalan Pantai Tengah, Lokbaintan, Sungi Tengah District, Banjar Regency, has been selling citrus produced in her own garden. Every day, she used to sell citrus at the Lokbaintan Floating Market.

Her citrus trees were almost ready to be harvested when the massive flood hit south Kalimantan, submerging Fatimah’s house and garden. Her citrus trees were damaged, and she had to flee the flood to safety.

"It was a severe crop failure. I suffered a massive loss," said Fatimah in early February.

Even before the massive flood, Fatimah’s citrus sales had suffered a massive decline. Due to the pandemic, there had been fewer tourists and buyers at the floating market. After the flood, the floating market became even emptier.

The flood destroyed not only Fatimah’s citrus garden but also her wooden house. After the flood, the house becomes unfit for habitation. Many pieces of furniture were damaged. The flood also carried wild animals such as snakes into her house. Hence, Fatimah and her family have fled to a nearby Islamic boarding school for safety.

Now, Fatimah and her family are rebuilding their life after the flood. Global Wakaf – ACT, as an organization that collects and manages waqf funds from the community, has provided business capital assistance for Fatimah who was stuck as she had no way to rebuild her livelihood after the flood. She was joyed to receive assistance through Waqf for Indonesian Micro Business Program.

Using the financial aid that she received, she will sell citrus that she buys from wholesalers. She will sell it at the Lokbaintan floating market although there are only a few visitors. []