Feni Sells Breakfast for Her Family's Extra Income

Feni Monita (30) sells various types of breakfast food on her porch to increase family income. However, lately, her business has been running intermittently because of the lack of capital.

Feni meets Global Wakaf-ACT team in her house on Sunday (6/26/2021). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KERINCI – Feni Monita (30) opens a small food stall on the porch of her house in Koto Dua Lama Village, Air Hangat District, Kerinci Regency. She set tables and chairs in her yard. She sells various kinds of breakfast, such as chicken congee, fried rice, and lontong (rice cakes).

Feni opens this stall to make an additional income. Her husband works as an inter-regency driver who only works once a week due to the long distance.

“Two years ago, I tried this business for an additional income. We have to pay our child’s tuition fees and the family’s daily expenses,” said Feni on Sunday (6/27/2021).

However, Feni's current capital is quite limited. Sometimes, she closes her stall due to a lack of capital. "I earn a profit of IDR 100 thousand to 200 thousand per day from my sales,” explained Feni.

She hopes for additional capital to buy equipment for her stall. "The most needed now is a gas stove, and capital to buy basic ingredients, so that I can sell every day," added Feni.

Through Waqf for the MSME program, Global Wakaf-ACT helped Feni's business to continue to run. "In the future, we will help more business owners who continue to survive amid this pandemic, like Mrs. Feni, to develop their businesses. Hopefully, it will become blessings for beneficiaries and benefactors,” said Hakim from the Global Wakaf-ACT team.[]