Financial Difficulties Doesn’t Stop Badriah from Teaching the Quran

Amid financial hardship, an ill husband, and a house that severely needs renovation, Tgk Badriah continues to teach the children the Quran. She believes that children are the future of Islam and Indonesia.

global zakat
Tgk Badriah receives financial aid from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LANGSA – Tengku (Tgk) Badriah (44) spends part of her time every day teaching Quran to the children in Baroh Langsa Lama Village, Langsa Lama District, Langsa City. For twenty years, she has dedicated herself to teaching the children, since she believes they are the future of Islam and Indonesia.

Previously, she teaches the students in her own living room. As time passes, she had to move her class to a nearby Quran Learning Center (TPA) building.

“My house is no longer livable. Its roof is leaking and floors breaking. Plus, the number of students is increasing. We had to move to a Quran school. Alhamdulillah, our village head supported us,” said Tgk Badriah, Sunday (10/31/2021).

With only IDR 200,000 a month that she receives from teaching the Quran, she opens a small food stall at her house for an additional income. Her husband is sick and unable to work.

“Though the profit isn’t much, I believe that Allah has guaranteed for us our provisions. All we need to do is to keep believing and doing our best for the students,” she added.

However, to Tgk Badriah, her present condition is still much better compared to the time when she had to leave her family to work in Malaysia as a migrant worker. It was a decision she had to make because she needed money for the renovation of her house.

Rizal Fahmi from the Aksi Cepat Tanggap Langsa Program Department said, on the 20th Anniversary of Langsa City, ACT Langsa provided financial aid for Tgk Badriah. It is hoped that it will encourage Tgk Badriah in teaching her students.

 “We should help those who consistently spread kindness, those who never weaken despite their own personal difficulties. Hopefully, with this financial aid, we can help support their needs,” he said. []