Firdaus Finds Blessings Despite Difficulties

Firdaus (39) income from selling cilok (tapioca balls) is enough to fulfill the needs of his family. Yet, he still works hard every day to fulfill his responsibility as the breadwinner.

The profit that Firdaus earns from selling cilok is shared with the owner. (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, SOUTH JAKARTA – Every day, Firdaus (39) sells cilok (tapioca balls) on the side of Jalan Siaga Raya in South Jakarta. Having parked his cart on the side of a three-way junction, he was unpacking when Global Wakaf – ACT team came to buy up all of his merchandise on Thursday (8/13/2021) afternoon.

"I’ve just arrived. I usually begin selling in the afternoon and peddle my cilok just around here,” said Firdaus while packing some warm ciloks.

Firdaus has dwarfism, but his physical limitation never becomes an obstacle for him to work. Every day, the earning that he receives is shared with the owner, "For Instance, if I make IDR 150,000 a day, I can pocket IDR 50,000 and IDR 50,000 will be given to the owner. Once, I pocketed only IDR 15,000 a day,” said Firdaus.

His wife has been helping him fulfill their family’s needs by working as a laundry maid. Their incomes are uncertain, making it sometimes difficult to cover all their daily expenses.

Firdaus believes that as long as he could fulfill his needs, it’s better not to get into debt. However, he himself sometimes borrows money from his relatives. "After all, my child needs milk. What else can I do, right?" Firdaus said.

He really wants to have his own business, but it’s difficult to save some money for business capital as he has a wife and child to support. "Even just the cart is very expensive," he said.

Firdaus cries happy tears when receiving assistance from Global Wakaf - ACT. (ACTNews)

Despite ups and downs, Firdaus always finds ease and blessings. For instance, his boss never requires him to sell out all of his cilok. His landlord has also been kind enough to him by letting him pay the rent in installments. "Yes, Alhamdulillah, Allah always gives me enough sustenance," said Firdaus.

That day, Firdaus’ sustenance came through Global Wakaf – ACT who bought up all of his merchandise and paid extra to help support MSMEs. Firdaus could not hold back his tears and hugged Global Wakaf – ACT team when they gave him the money. []