Fire Victims in South Tangerang Need Medical Attention and Assistance

The fire victims in Pondok Aren District of South Tangerang have been deeply traumatized. In addition, the evacuation site where they stay is unclean and not healthy.

Medical careline services
ACT's Humanity Medical Services provides free medical treatment to fire victims in East Jurangmangu Village of South Tangerang. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TANGERANG SELATAN – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) through the Humanity Medical Services (HMS) provided free medical treatment to fire victims on Jalan Haji Sarmili in East Jurangmangu Village of Pondok Aren District, South Tangerang City, Saturday (8/28/2021) morning. An ACT ambulance was also dispatched to the location.

Dr. Annisa Kartikasari from Humanity Medical Services explained that two doctors and five nurses were involved to provide free medical assistance. "Many of the fire victims suffered from acute respiratory infections, dermatitis, hypertension, and lacerations," said Dr. Annisa.

The medical team also provided the victims with education on proper nutrition and checked their mental health. According to Dr. Annisa, some of the victims were deeply traumatized.

The Humanity Medical Services team also monitored the cleanliness of the evacuation site. Sadly, there’s no adequate facility for the evacuees to dispose of their garbage.

"The victims still need humanitarian assistance from various parties. Let's show them our support," concluded Dr. Annisa.

On Wednesday (8/25/2021) morning, the fire engulfed 100 semi-permanent houses on Jalan Haji Sarmili. Ten fire engines were dispatched to the location. []