First Day of Ramadan, Gaza is Still Under Attack

First Day of Ramadan, Gaza is Still Under Attack

First Day of Ramadan, Gaza is Still Attacked


ACTNews, GAZA - Israeli fighter jets and warships continue to aim at Gaza Strip. According to the latest update, at least 24 Palestinians are deceased, and 70 others left severely wounded by the continued escalation in two consecutive days.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health stated that the majority of casualties of the attacks are men--with more than 15 are dead. Moreover, there are also vulnerable people killed by the attack, which are a pregnant mother and her fourteen months old daughter from East Gaza.

Furthermore, according to Al Jazeera, government media outlets in Gaza stated that Israeli fighter jet has attacked the Gaza Strip for approximately 150 times. Additionally, artillery attack also targeted to 200 civilian settlements in Gaza Strip. The number is increasing compared to previous attack, which were 60 settlements.

Houses, Mosques, shops, even a news outlet office are also targeted. One of the residents whose house was destroyed during the attack, Umm Alaa Abu Absa, stated that she has cleaned the ruins of his house, which was obliterated to dust on Sunday (5/5)

“There were many bombings, and civilians who became victims. Streets were destroyed. We are afraid, so we ran away. Some of the people still looking for their children, yet there is nobody on sight,” said Abu Absa.

The attack also destroyed one building that accommodates the Gaza Bureau of Anadolu Agency. “We urge the international community to act quickly to suppress the escalating tension caused by disproportionate attack by Israel in the region,” stated the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affair.

Ramadan in Gaza

 Even though Gaza is still targeted by Israeli attacks, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) still put Gaza as one of the top locations to reach during the Ramadan. Andi Noor Faradiba from Global Humanity Response ACT stated that other than ongoing regular programs, ACT will also arrange Iftar program--from the “Marhaban Yaa Muhsineen” program.


“Insha Allah, the Iftar program will start from the beginning of Ramadan. Every day, there will be at least 500 packages of meals for the iftar and suhoor of the civilians. The meals will be distributed throughout the Gaza Strip,” Said Faradiba

Furthermore, Faradiba also stated that ACT will continue to deliver Food Packages from Indonesia Humanitarian Center (IHC) and Mobile Water Tank program. For the Food Packages delivery, IHC aims to serve 5,000 families, and the program will be conducted throughout Ramadan.

“The Mobile Water Tank will distribute 1,600,000 liters of clean water to fulfill the need of Palestinians during Ramadan,” explained Faradiba.

Ramadan comes and go, yet the despair of Palestine still continues. Fasting with all their limitations is hard to do, so Insha Allah ACT and Indonesia will help Palestine to ease their burdens during Ramadan. []