First Humanity Water Tank Arrives in Yemen

For the first time, Humanity Water Tank operated in Yemen. This humanitarian vehicle can distribute up to 25 thousand liters of water per day. Hopefully, Humanity Water Tank can solve the water crisis that has shackled IDPs for a long time.

Humanity Water Tank
Humanity Water Tank in Yemen. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MARIB – For the first time, Humanity Water Tank from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) operated in Yemen. This vehicle can distribute up to 25 thousand liters of water per day. It will focus on distribution in the Marib area. ACT team chose this area to accommodate many internally displaced persons who have problems getting clean water supplies.

Humanity Water Tank toured several camps, including Camp Rawda, Camp Sweida, Camp Saiela, and Camp Joe Al Naseem. The refugee camps have experienced a cut-off from the water system. Hence, the IDPs had to travel very long distances to get water.

Said Mukaffiy from ACT’s Global Humanity Response explains the humanitarian vehicle from benefactors can supply for around 750 IDP families in a month.

“We expect this clean water distribution program to provide clean and free water for the IDPs in a sustainable manner. Hopefully, it will have a good impact on residents who have been on the verge of a water crisis," said Mukaffiy, Thursday (12/2/2021).

Mobile water distribution will reduce the risks and threats that residents face when they have to travel long distances to get water. Mukaffiy adds that IDPs often pass through dangerous areas to get water.

ACT expects that easy access to clean water will have a significant impact on reducing the spread of disease and epidemics. These diseases arise due to neglect of personal hygiene due to insufficient water. Yemeni IDPs often suffer from skin diseases and cholera.

“The distribution of free water can also help the psychological and social stability of the IDPs and reduce violence against women due to family problems that sometimes occur due to the use of water at home," concluded Mukaffiy.[]