First Waqf Date Palms Harvest in Aceh Besar

The age of a date tree can reach 100 years with 200-400 kilograms harvested per year, while the dates are sold for IDR 300 thousands per kilogram. With those facts the benefits of productive waqf are so great and long lasting. Moreover, it's possible that the result will bring more benefits.

Global Wakaf Aceh team is harvesting datefruits on the waqf land in Great Aceh.
Global Wakaf Aceh team harvests date fruits on the waqf land in Aceh Besar (ACTNews).

ACTNews, ACEH BESAR – In the middle of Ramadan, Global Wakaf Aceh for the first time harvested the date fruits in Berbate dates plantation. The land located in Barbate Hills, Gampong le Suum, Mesjid Raya, Aceh Besar, is a waqf land donated by Mahdi Muhammad and Sukri.

The Branch Manager of Global Wakaf Aceh Zulfurqan mentions there are 700 date palm trees planted in the waqf land. The area reaches 6 hectares, of which 3.6 hectares are specifically for date palm trees and the rest is for waqf livestock.

“We don’t sell this first harvest, but requests for dates, especially young dates, are starting to increase. Inshaa Allah through this productive waqf land and in accordance with the market request, the result will bring more benefits,” said Zulfurqan, Sunday (5/2/2021)

The average ages of the date palm trees here are around 2 to 4 years. Each palm tree can produce around 200-400 kilograms of dates with the price of IDR 300.000 per kilogram Zulfurqan added that requests for dates could be done through contacting 0822-8326-9008.

Later on, Global Wakaf will use the proceeds from the harvested waqf dates for various sectors especially the community’s education and economy in the Aceh Besar region. Besides that, goodness will also flow throughout the country and help the Palestinians who are struggling under zionist oppression.

The date farmer and waqif Mahdi Muhammad said, date plantation was one of his choices in his involvement in the waqf program because the productive age of the palms can reach around 100 years. With this length of time, it is possible that we will gain a large amount of harvest and it can be expanded.

“Imagine that with a long productive life, the flow of our almsgiving rewards through the productive waqf of this date palm plantation can be a project of eternal rewards and the benefits provided are perpetual,” said Mahdi.

Global Wakaf also encourages people who want to give their waqf can send them to BNI Syariah at 1010000137 in the name of Global Wakaf or Bank Aceh Syariah at 01001930009205 in the name of Aksi Cepat Tanggap. The waqf for each date palm tree is IDR 3,5 million including the maintenance cost. Please contact WhatsApp 0822-8326-9008 for waqf confirmation.[]