Fishermen in Teluk Village Still Too Afraid to Sail

Fishermen in Teluk Village Still Too Afraid to Sail

ACTNews, PANDEGLANG – That afternoon, ‘Abdurrohman was sitting in front of Higienis Fish Market in Perikanan Harbor in Teluk Village, Labian, Pandeglang. He had nothing to do but sitting and staring blankly at the sea that was gleaming with sunshine.  

Right in front of the fish market lies the Sunda Strait that separates Java Island from Sumatera Island. Along the coast of Teluk Village, short iron posts with no less than 20 centimeter diameter were installed to tie the fishing boats that anchor at the Perikanan Harbor of Teluk Village.

The harbor is no longer bustling with activities. Only a few buildings and broken tetrapods were left after the tsunami shat smashed the area. “This place used to be very busy, especially during fishing season. Hundreds of boats came bringing their catch,” revealed ‘Abdurrohman to ACTNews, reminiscing the days before the tsunami, Tuesday (1/1).

‘Abdurrohman admitted that he was still too afraid to sail. The weather is still unpredictable, and subsequent tsunami might happen because of volcanic activities of Anak Krakatau Mountain, as warned by Indonesian Bureau of Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG). He’s now jobless, depending solely on humanitarian relief to fulfill his needs.

He is also unable to sail because the boat he co-owned with his fellow fishermen was damaged. The tsunami has badly broken the boat, rendering it useless. “It now lies in the estuary of Labuan River. Some parts of it were broken and need to be repaired,” he said, pointing at the estuary where dozens of broken boats had blocked the flow of the river.

Now, Abdurrohman and his fellow fishermen have nothing left to do, for the sea has been too dangerous for them. Some boats which were not damaged were left unused, tied onto a coconut tree who still stands after the tsunami last Saturday (12/22). Abdurrohman was even still too afraid to spend a night in his own house in Teluk Village. “From morning to afternoon, I stay here (in Teluk Village), at night I sleep at Jiput Evacuation Post,” he said.

The economy of the fishermen in Pandeglang collapsed after the tsunami. Many, like Abdurrohman, still hesitated to go back to the sea due to trauma and damaged boats. The wreckages piled in several areas, including the estuary of Labuan River in Labuan Sub-District.

In the estuary, more than 50 damaged boats lie wasted, blocking the flow of the river, causing flood when the rain fell on that area on Tuesday (1/1). The flowed drowned many houses in the village, reaching 1-2 meters high, on Thursday (1/3). []



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