Flash Floods Drown Four Districts in Bima

Flash floods hit Bima, Friday (4/2/2021). Four Districts were flooded. A number of villages were reported to have been isolated.

Flash Floods in Bima, Friday afternoon(4/2/2021) damaged residential areas. (Special Document)

ACTNews, BIMA – Flash floods hit Bima Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Friday afternoon (4/2/2021), at 03:21 p.m. local time. Based on reports from Bima Regency Disaster Management Agency, at least 12 villages in Bolo, Madapangga, Woha, and Monta Districts, were flooded. There was no certain information regarding casualties from this natural disaster. However, according to the news that ACTNews received, water submerged the residential areas, as well as public facilities, vehicles, and livestock.

ACT NTB Branch Manager Juaini Pratama said that the number of victims and survivors could not be ascertained. This was because almost all access roads were blocked by flooding and the electricity was out.

“Currently, residents urgently need supplies, the most urgent ones are food and drinking water,” said Juaini.

He continued, volunteers from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia were still continuing to provide assistance and data collection. The team was already in one of the affected villages, namely Tangga Village, Monta District. The water level there was as high as a calf to the waist of adults or it was estimated to be one meter deep. Volunteers were actually heading to Sie Village. However, based on information from residents, the water level in Sie Village was much higher, so that volunteers had difficulties.

The flash flood that occurred in Bima was triggered by high intensity of rain. Based on the statement released by Bima District Disaster Management Agency, the floods came from the mountains of Tambora region.[]