Flash Floods in Pasaman Destroy Agricultural Lands, Water Sources

Flash floods that occurred in Pasaman on Sunday (2/13/2022) damaged residential houses, water wells, and agricultural lands. The residents affected by the floods need clean and drinking water because their water wells were buried in the mud.

flash floods
Residential' houses in Lunar Hamlet are damaged by flash floods. (ACTNews/Agusriadi)

ACTNews, PASAMAN – The flash floods that swept Lundar Hamlet in Panti District, Pasaman Regency on Sunday (2/13/2022) severely damaged residential houses, water sources, and agricultural lands. The residents are now in need of clean water and capital assistance to replant their farms. The floods have severely damaged the agricultural lands that were ready for harvest.

One of the flood victims, a resident of Lundar Village Andi said that the residents were currently in need of clean and drinking water after the flood buried the water wells with mud and debris.

"Alhamdulillah, thank you very much for the drinking water assistance. We really needed mineral drinking water at the moment. Our water wells and springs were buried. Even if there’s a water source that is still intact, the water is surely cloudy,” said Andi, Tuesday (2/15/2022).

Ahmad Diar, Branch Manager of the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) West Pasaman Branch said the Village of Lundar in Panti District of Pasaman Regency was prone to flooding. As a result, dozens of houses and a number of public facilities were severely damaged.

 "The head of the Lundar Village said at least 50 houses were submerged by the floods on Sunday (2/13/2022) afternoon, twenty of which were badly damaged,” said Ahmad Diar.

MRI-ACT Pasaman provides food packages and mineral water for flood victims in Panti District. (ACTNews/Agusriadi)

Diar continued, the floods not only damaged houses and infrastructure but also farmlands that were almost ready for harvest. “The farmers have spent a lot on capital, and some even got into debts especially that the prices of fertilizers have been soaring lately,” he explained.

To ease the victims’ hardship, ACT and Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) distributed food and mineral water on Tuesday (2/15/2022). For the first phase, a total of thirty aid packages were given away to the victims. []