Flash Floods Sweep Dozens of Houses in Southeast Minahasa Regency

As many as 33 houses and 3 other buildings were washed away by the flash flood that Floods caused 33 houses to be affected and three buildings to be washed away in Ratahan District.

minahasa flood
Flash floods in Southeast Minahasa (BNPB)

ACTNews, SOUTHEAST MINAHASA – Flash floods hit dozens of houses in Ratahan District and East Ratahan District in Southeast Minahasa Regency of North Sulawesi Province. Logs and mud were carried by the flood from the Manimporok mountains.

The flood occurred on Monday (9/20/2021) at 2:30 p.m. local time. The water level ranged from two to three meters, submerging 33 houses and 3 other buildings in Ratahan District. In East Ratahan District, the flash flood hit 17 housing units. The floods also submerged the main road that connects Minahasa and North Minahasa.

Head of Southeast Minahasa Disaster Mitigation Board Aneke Sumendap explained that Pangu Satu, Wioi Dua and Wioi Tiga villages were affected by the flash flood in East Ratahan District. In addition, two

"A house, a kiosk, and a workshop were washed away in Nataan Village. There was also a sixty-year-old resident who went missing,” he said.

Based on InaRISK's analysis, Southeast Minahasa Regency is an area with moderate to high flash flood potential. A total of 10 districts are in this category, two of which are Ratahan and East Ratahan Districts.

The Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has issued an early warning of the potential for heavy rain and storm in Tomohon, Kotamobagu, Minahasa, North Minahasa, South Minahasa, Bolaang Mongondow, North Bolaang Mongondow, East Bolaang Mongondow, South Bolaang Mongondow, Sitaro Islands, Sangihe Islands and Talaud Islands.

“In the rainy season, people are expected to take precautionary actions. One of them is coordinating with each other between communities in the upstream area and those on the downstream side," said the Acting Head of the BNPB Data on DIsasters, Information and Communication Center Abdul Muhari, in an official statement. []