Flash Sale Promo! More Affordable Qurbani in Global Qurban

Global Qurban is back with Flash Sale promotion by offering a discount for every Qurbani animal purchase on the official website of Global Qurban and Pasar Sedekah until Monday, July 19, 2021. Generous Benefactors can get special prices starting from IDR 13.6 million for a cow, and IDR 1.9 million for a goat. Anyone can perform Qurbani at this more affordable price.

Global Qurban Flash Sale.
Global Qurban Flash Sale offers more affordable price of Qurbani animals. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTAEid ul-Qurban is coming. The roadsides in several areas have been filled with the stalls of Qurbani animal sellers. They sell cows and goats to Muslims who want to perform Qurbani. Qurbani is a supererogatory act of worship for Muslims who are financially capable to perform it.

In the era of technological development, Global Qurban offers Indonesian Muslims to easily perform Qurbani through the official website of globalqurban.com. Generous Benefactors can choose the type and weight of the Qurbani animal themselves, without having to leave their houses. Later, the Qurbani meat will be distributed to people with difficulties to meet their food needs both in Indonesia and abroad.

Global Qurban not only offers easy access to perform Qurbani but also affordable prices. The Flash Sale promotion until July 19, 2021, offers discounts for Qurbani animal purchases to reach more Muslims who want to perform Qurbani.

The offered discounts are very pleasing. For a cow weighing 220 kilograms, the discount is up to IDR 3 million from the initial price of IDR 16.1 million to only IDR 13.6 million. Meanwhile, for a goat weighing 27-30 kilograms, the price is reduced from IDR 2.3 million to only IDR 1.9 million now. Anyone can perform Qurbani at this more affordable price of Qurbani animals.

President of Global Qurban, Mukhti invites people to quickly purchase their Qurbani animals in Global Qurban since the Flash Sale only lasts for certain hours.

“On Saturday, the Flash Sale started from 6-9 p.m Western Indonesian Time (WIB). Then for the next two days, Sunday and Monday, it will be started from 9 a.m to 12 p.m Western Indonesian Time, then 2-4 p.m Western Indonesian Time, and lastly at 6-9 p.m Western Indonesian Time. Let’s perform Qurbani Without Limits together in Global Qurban, because when else you will get to purchase fat cows and goats with such affordable prices,” explained Mukhti.

Mukhti says Qurbani Without Limits means maximizing the Qurbani that are not limited by anything, both in terms of quantity, kindness, benefits, and blessings beyond numbers, social society, and boundaries of the nation that are still having difficulty meeting their food needs.

In addition to the Globalqurban.com website, Muslims who want to get a discount from this Flash Sale can also go through Pasarsedekah.com.[]