Flatbread Packages for Syrian Refugees to Survive in Freezing Winter

Flatbread Packages for Syrian Refugees to Survive in Freezing Winter

ACTNews, REYHANLI – For people who live in cold country, to have a cup of warm coffee and pieces of warm bread for breakfast once they get up from bed is something that is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, along the Turkey – Syria border, the refugees wake up each morning with nothing to fill their bellies. As the temperature plummets, they struggle to survive amidst the freezing winter.

Said Mukaffy of Global Humanity Response (GHR) Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) told ACTNews that in Reyhanli, the city located on Turkey-Syria border, the temperature has reached 6⁰ Celcius.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee families have to endure hardships every winter. Fleeing from the war, they live inside refugee camps and flats without jobs. There isn’t much they can eat as they cram inside their small abodes.

Flatbread from ACT-supported bakery

Unlike the people in The West who could enjoy the winter in thick jackets and sweatshirts as they play with the snowballs outside, the Syrian refugees must spend their winter in totally different situation.

To help the Syrian refugee families during winter, GHR – ACT in Reyhanli has made sure that the bakeries that have been supported by the people of Indonesia through ACT are ready to improve the production capacity. Thousands of flatbread packages are ready to be distributed to Syrian Refugee families on weekly basis.

“Winter has arrived here. The Syrian refugees are in dire need of aid to fulfill their daily necessities, especially bread for their sustenance. With empty stomach, it is not easy to survive in the cold temperature. It will make the refugees, especially the children, more vulnerable to diseases,” explained Mukaffy, reporting from Reyhanli, Friday (11/16).

The Indonesian Red-and-White flag was printed on each of the packaging. Since early 2018, ACT has supported local bakeries to provide thousands of flatbread packages.

“Hundreds of flatbread packages were produced daily. The bread is not like those that we can commonly find in shops and bakeries throughout Indonesia. It is a Syrian flatbread commonly known as khobz, a staple for the Syrians,” explained Mukaffy.

On Friday (11/16) afternoon, Mukaffy reported that he was distributing hundreds of flatbread packages to densely populated refugee settlement in the suburb of Reyhanli.

“This Friday, we are bringing 400 packages of flatbread printed with Indonesian flad for Syrian refugees living in small flats in the suburb of Reyhanli,” said Mukaffy.

Not only on Turkey-Syria border, ACT teams also distributed packages of flatbread inside Syria.

“From ACT-supported bakeries, we brought packages of flatbread into Syria. In recent week, 2,000 packages of bread have been distributed by ACT team in the city of Idlib as well as in Killi and Hizano in Syria,” said Mukaffy.

The recipients of the flatbread packages were extremely grateful for the generosity of the Indonesians. They hope that the aid from Indonesia will always be present in refugee areas along Turkey-Syria border. “They hoped that the aid, even as simple as these khobz packages, would always be given. They hoped that Indonesia will not leave them,” said Mukaffy, expressing the hope of the refugees in Reyhanli, Friday (11/16). []



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