Flood and Landslide Hits Central Java’s Coastal Area

Flood and Landslide Hits Central Java’s Coastal Area

ACTNews, CENTRAL JAVA – After Jakarta, heavy rain also fell in the north coast area of Central Java. The high rain intensity from Thursday (8/2) to Friday (9/2) caused floods in several areas in Central Java’s north coast, including Semarang. The rain also increased of the sea water level, drowning several regions. Among the flooded regions since Thursday (8/2) were Kendal, Pati, Kudus, Jepara and Semarang municipality.   

A number of areas in Semarang municipality was also drowned, among them was Mangkang Wetan village, Tugu Sub-district, Semarang. The perforated dam in Beringin river basin in that area caused the overflowing of sea water, flooding the whole region of Mangkang Wetan. The flood even drowned a villager’s house.

Landslide closes the roads in Banjarnegara and Tegal

The heavy rain that fell on Thursday (8/2) and Friday (9/2) also affected Banjarnegara regency. Landslide buried the road in Karangkobar Sub-district, Banjarnegara, on Friday (9/2). The road that became the main inter-provincial access was blocked by landslide for 200 meters. Consequently, the traffic was totally paralyzed.

The head of the information data center and public relations of National Disaster Mitigation Board (BNPB) Sutopo Purwo Nugroho appealed the public not to get close to the landslide area, for another landslide could happen. “There’s a high potential of another landslide happening because of the increasing precipitation rate,” advised Nugroho on Friday (9/2).

Flood worsens in Tegal and Brebes

Other areas afflicted by the flood are Tegal District, Tegal City, and Brebes District. At least 15 sub-districts in those areas were drowned on Monday (12/2).

Based on the data by the local Disaster Mitigation Board (BPBD), a number of landslides also happened in several areas in Brebes and Tegal.

Meanwhile, the water level of the flood varies, from 50 to 100 centimeters. Until now, most victims are staying in their houses although they’re flooded. However, there are also others who evacuated. Not only houses, the flood also drowned several schools, village offices, and a number of government and private offices.

MRI Central Java volunteers explained that due to the vast flooded area and the high number of evacuated victims, logistic aid and prepared meals are needed both by the evacuated victims or those who stay in their houses.   

Giyanto, Coordinator of ACT Central Java’s Emergency Response team, explained that his teams have been spread in several flooded locations in Central Java. “Until Tuesday (13/2), four ACT-MRI joint teams have been dispatched to five regencies and municipalities. Insha Allah, the team will stand by the location to distribute the aid until the flood recedes,” concluded Giyanto. []  



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