Flood Blocks the Access to Puri Gading Housing Complex

The flood that hit Jakarta Metropolitan Area on Tuesday (2/25) drowned many neighborhoods, including Puri Gading Housing Complex located close to a river.

Flood Blocks the Access to Puri Gading Housing Complex' photo
DER team getting ready to sweep the area and evacuate the residents, Tuesday (2/25) (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BEKASI - Torrential rains that hit the Jakarta Metropolitan Area from Monday (2/24) night to Tuesday (2/25) morning caused flooding that submerged many neighborhoods in Jakarta and its surroundings, one of them was in ​​Puri Gading Housing Complex, Jati Melati, Bekasi City. According to the ACT team at the location, the water reached the height of an adult’s knee by 8 a.m.

The access to Puri Gading housing complex was flooded, with strong current of water sweeping through the street. The local residents whose houses started to get inundated have been evacuating to safer places and salvaging their belongings.

"The current of the flood is quite strong as a result of the overflowing river not far from the housing complex. 

Access to the housing complex has been completely paralyzed. The schools are temporarily halted," explained Andria Wijaya, an ACT employee in Puri Gading, Tuesday (2/25).

The flooding that happened in Puri Gading was caused by the overflowing Cakung River. Ari, one of the residents, said that the river flowing through the housing complex is a tributary to Cikeas RIver. The landslide that has obstructed the flow of Cakung River, and the water flooded the housing complex.

"Similar flood also happened in early January 2020 that began with overnight rain. Currently, some of the house clusters have been affected by the flood that has entered the residents' homes," Andria said.

Not only in Puri Gading, the flood also hit other areas in Jabodetabek, including Cipinang, Bidara Cina, Tanah Abang, Ciledug, even Karawang in West Java. ACT has deployed teams equipped with rubber boats, paddles and buoys to evacuate the residents. "The teams have been spread in several points that have been affected by the flood, including Bekasi," explained Disaster Emergency Response (DER) - ACT Team Coordinator Kusmayadi, Tuesday (25/2) morning. []