Flood Leaves Warni Homeless

Warni’s house was destroyed by the flood that happened in early 2020. She often cries every time she remembers how the house that my daughter has been building for years was swiftly washed away.

Warni when meeting the ACT team. (ACTNews/Reza Mardhani)

ACTNews, BOGOR – A thirty-second video showing the flashflood that destroyed several houses in Bogor went viral earlier this year. It shows who the flood washed away everything including the walls and roofs of these houses. "This is the video of the flood in early January," said an Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) volunteer who showed the video, completing the Warni.

One of the houses that were destroyed belonged to her daughter, located in Cigowong Hamlet of Sukamaju Village. Her eyes get teary every time she talks about the flood in early January. She still clearly remembers each room of the house. Now, what’s left is only the floor.

"I can’t describe my sadness for being left with nothing. There used to be many pieces of furniture here. And this was the restroom. Everything was washed away, "Warni pointed to several corners where the house used to stand. "I always remember how my daughter saved money to buy pieces of furniture. Every month when she receives her salary, she sends the money to me for buy furniture so that the rooms wouldn’t be so empty when she gets home. It’s for the children too," she explained, Wednesday (2/19).

Warni’s daughter only comes home once a month, so she did not witness the flood. As a single mother, Warni's child is the breadwinner, and she has been saving for the past year to build a house in her home village.

The site where Marni's house used to stand. (ACTNews / Reza Mardhani)

But the flash flood that lasted for only an hour washed away everything that Warni’s daughter has been working hard for. She fainted upon hearing about it. For two weeks after that, Warni often trembled when remembering the disaster.

"My daughter works and I help her to save the money to build a house. But it’s not what Allah has written for us. For years, we have been saving. We also use some money owned by my grandchild. He’s now fatherless. His father’s whereabout is unknown," said Warni.

Warni now lives in her sister's house on the upper side of the village which was not affected by the flood. She still has a hope to have a house again, especially because there is already a plan for relocation by the government.

"They said there will be a relocation. the land had also been measured in Kampung Tamansari. But we don't know yet how big the house will be, "explained Aep, one of the head of the Neighborhood Association (RW).

ACT has been assisting Cigowong residents since January to provide assistance to the flood victims who lost their homes and their belongings. On that day, ACT returned to bring basic supplies to support Warni and other flood-hit residents.

"Alhamdulillah, I am happy because there are those who care about me. I am grateful for the food and clothing because I couldn’t salvage any clothing," said Warni. The only thing Warni could save was her rice cooker.

She hopes that she can rebuild her house, complete with its furniture "So that, when my daughter comes home, she will at least have a place to stay," hoped Warni. []