Flooding in Garut Affects Hundreds of Families

Garut Regency’s Regional Disaster Mitigation Board (BPBD) reported that, until Sunday (11/28/2021) morning, as many as 9 villages were reportedly affected by the flash flood that hit Karang Tengah and Sukawening Districts in Garut Regency.

garut flood
MRI-ACT Garut deployed their team to monitor the flood-hit districts and perform assessments of the victims’ needs. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GARUT – Heavy rains that hit Karangtengah and Sukawening Districts, Garut Regency, West Java, caused flash floods from overflowing Citameng River and several sub-watersheds, Saturday (11/27/2021).

Garut Regency’s Regional Disaster Management Board reported that, until Sunday (11/28/2021) morning, as many as 9 villages were reportedly affected: Cinta Village, Cintamanik and Caringin Villages in Karang Tengah District and Mekarwangi Village, Sukawening Village, Mekarhurip Village, Sukamukti Village, Mekarluyu Village and Depok Village in Sukawening District.

"In Sukawening, there were 117 affected families with 15 families displaced. In Karangtengah, 253 families were affected, and 53 families evacuated," said the Head of BPBD Garut Regency, Satria Budi.

Budi explained that in Sukawening District, there were 111 houses affected by the flood with 3 houses suffering from major damages, 107 houses suffering from minor damages, and 1 house suffering moderate damages. In Karangtengah District, the flooding damaged five bridges and inundated agricultural lands. In addition, two motorbikes and one car were swept away.

"Two houses of worship and medical facilities were damaged. Two dams were damaged. Three rice mills, a 1,000-meter clean water pipeline was washed away. Three bridges, five motorbikes were swept away. One car, sixty fish ponds, and 100 hectares of rice fields were inundated," added Budi. .[]