Flooding Never Weakens Ustaz Yusuf’s Devotion to Preaching

Although his house that also functions as a Quran class often gets flooded by the overflow of Lake Limboto, Ustaz Yusuf’s dedication to teaching his students never weakens.

ustaz yusuf
Ustaz Yusuf (left) receives assistance from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GORONTALO – The overflow of Lake Limboto that often inundates Ustaz Yusuf's house in Tualango Village, Tilango District, Gorontalo Regency often hampers the children's learning activities. Due to not having another place, they cannot move to other places.

Ustaz Yusuf explained, despite the challenge, the students’ enthusiasm never hampers. It is their spirit that has motivated Ustaz Yusuf to be steadfast in teaching the children living near Lake Limboto.

“Even when the lake overflowed, they came here to study even though we ended up closing the class. Seeing their enthusiasm, how can I falter?" said Ustaz Yusuf when met by ACT Gorontalo, Monday (11/22/2021).

Ustaz Yusuf continued, children who come to study the Quran are not charged. However, every now and then, the guardians give something as a sign of gratitude.

"In meeting my daily needs, I work odd jobs, fish in Limboto Lake, offer my service to people, and provide private tuitions," said the man who has been teaching the Quran since 2015. To support Ustaz Yusuf's struggle, Global Zakat-ACT provided assistance in the form of living expenses. []