Floods in East Kalimantan Inundate 915 Houses

As of now, the flood level is still likely to rise at night since the water level of the Lempake Benanga dam in Samarinda City continues to increase.

East Kalimantan floods.
MRI East Kalimantan volunteers distribute various meal packages to flood survivors in Bengkuring housing. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, EAST KALIMANTAN – A total of 915 units of residents’ houses in Samarinda, East Kalimantan were flooded. The floods also affected 1,310 families or approximately 3,656 people.

An area that is still flooded is Bengkuring Housing, East Sempaja Village, North Samarinda District, Samarinda City. The water level varies from 40-90 centimeters.

“According to the residents at the flooded location, the water level is currently higher than before,” said Branch Manager of ACT-MRI East Kalimantan, DImas Bayu Prasetyo, Tuesday (9/14/2021).

He continued that although the water has submerged the settlement, a number of residents still chose to stay in their respective houses. Dimas said that there were only a few residents who chose to evacuate themselves to a safer place.

“Today, Samarinda on standby level. The weather was hot before, but recently it's raining again," said Dimas.

Meanwhile, the flood level at night is still likely to rise since the water level of the Lempake Benanga dam, in Samarinda City, also continues to rise.

According to one of the dam guards from Kalimantan River Basin III Suheri, the water supplies from the Budaya Pampang and Lantung Rivers continue to flow into the Lempake Benanga Dam. The flow is not too heavy but it increases the water volume in the dam.

Residents of Samarinda are warned to prepare themselves anticipating the after floods.

“Just like the previous night, the water level was started to subside, however, the area was then hit by post floods. Therefore, the residents in Samarinda have to stay alert and prepare to save their belongings,” said Suheri.[]