Floods in Pasuruan Damage Houses, Bridges, Rice Fields

Floods in Pasuruan caused by the overflow of the Welang River submerged some villages. Several houses, agricultural lands, and bridges were damaged. The flooding also killed livestock and caused one fatality.

The floods in Pasuruan on Tuesday (3/8/2022) damaged residential houses and other structures. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PASURUAN – The flood triggered by the overflow of the Welang River in Pasuruan Regency on Tuesday (3/8/2022) submerged Sukorejo Village in Pohjentrek District and Tambakrejo Village in Kraton District. Muhammad Al Amin Sholeh from the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Branch of Pasuruan said there was one fatality and four injuries. In addition, six houses, a bridge, and some rice fields were damaged. The flood also killed the locals’ livestock.

"The flood has receded by Wednesday (3/9/2022). The Pasuruan Regional Disaster Mitigation Board (BPBD) reported that 7,275 residents or 3,325 families were affected by the floods. Around 137 hectares of agricultural land were flooded,” he said, Thursday (3/10/2022).

Amin also explained that residents have started cleaning their houses using whatever they have. They currently need staple food, clean water, ready-to-eat meals, and cleaning kits.

One of the flood victims, Khamil (62), said the floods happened quickly. All his documents and savings were washed away by the flooding. "My house was totally damaged and couldn't be occupied. Now I'm temporarily staying at my grandson's house," he explained. []