Floods Inundate Four Villages in West Martapura

High rainfall during the last two days caused flooding in Teluk Selong Ulu Village, Pekauman Ulu Village, Dalam Pagar Village and Tunggul Irang Village in Martapura District, Banjar Regency, Monday (12/28) afternoon.

Aerial view of the flood in Teluk Selong Ulu Village. (Doc. Special)

ACTNews, BANJAR REGENCY – Heavy rain hit a number of villages in West Martapura District, Banjar Regency, Sunday (12/27). One of the villages that was severely affected by the flood was Teluk Selong Village.

According to the Secretary of Teluk Selong Ulu Village, Heri, this flood was the worst compared to the previous years. A total of 361 households or 1,154 people were affected. Due to the deep floods in Teluk Selong Ulu Village, 55 families had to evacuate.

"The water level is about an adult's knee. Meanwhile, the level of water inundating the residents' houses varied. Near houses located on a lower ground, the flood was almost knee-deep, "said Heri. He and his team since Sunday (12/27) night had been monitoring and reporting on the latest conditions of residents affected by the flood.

South Kalimantan Emergency Response Commander Muhammad Riadi explained, many residents had not been able to evacuate because they worried about leaving their homes.

"The flood can worsen. The river current is also still very strong. Residents really need emergency assistance such as meal packages,” said Riadi.

Riadi added, ACT and MRI South Kalimantan will make efforts to provide health services and public kitchens for flood-affected residents in Teluk Selong Ulu Village or a number of other villages.

"For public kitchens, we are still coordinating with the BPBD of South Kalimantan Province. Because if the flood does not recede, BPBD will open a joint public kitchen. We also hope that the benefactors can support our steps," he hoped. []