Floods Inundate Several Areas in Melawi Regency

Floods inundate a number of houses in Paal Village, Nanga Pinoh, with a water level of an adult's chest.

Melawi flood
Flood in Paal Village, Nanga Pinoh District, reaches the residents’ house roof. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MELAWI REGENCY — Floods hit a number of areas in Melawi Regency, West Kalimantan, Monday (11/1/2021) after heavy rain throughout the past week.

Floods inundate many houses in Paal Village, Nanga DIstrict, with an adult’s chest-level of water. In several locations, the water height varies from 40 centimeters to 2 meters.

“Previously, the flood was reportedly have subsided. However, since Monday evening, the water rose again and inundates the residents’ houses,” said Nircho Dwi Anggoro from ACT West Kalimantan Program team, Tuesday (11/2/2021).

Nircho continued that residents have started to evacuate to safer places with few of their belongings.

Water also inundates a lot of traditional markets in Nanga Pinoh. “Most of the residents can only survive with the current situation while relying on the remaining public facilities. People have started to run out of clean water. They also require urgent needs including tarpaulin tents, food supply, medicines, infant and children needs, and sanitary pads,” said Nircho.

Furthermore, market and shop activities have to be completely stopped, people’s activities are also hindered as the water level is still continuously rising. Currently, access at Nanga Pinoh provincial road has been closed.[]