Following The Earthquake, Many Mosques in Mamuju Require Renovation

A magnitude 6.2 earthquake destroyed Abdir Rida Mosque in early 2021. The congregation prays in a temporary building because they could not afford to renovate the mosque.

Abdir Rida Mosque
Saturday (4/28/2022), worshippers gather at the Abdir Rida Mosque. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MAMUJU — On January 15, 2021, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake destroyed the Abdir Ridha Karatuan Mosque in Tamao Hamlet, Tampalang Village, Tapalang District, Mamuju Regency. The residents could not rebuild the mosque yet. Residents also pray in the semi-permanent temporary mosque building.

According to Diah Khalifa of Aksi Cepat Tanggap Mamuju, the current Abdir Rida Mosque building is made entirely of tarpaulins. The floor is still dirt. Residents covered it with a thin carpet used to cover the table.

"Tarpaulin is used for the roof, which is then covered with corroded zinc. The zinc is left over from the demolition of people's homes, which were also destroyed by the earthquake. The supporting poles are made of 8 to 10 cm diameter wood," Diah elaborated on Tuesday (5/24/2022).

Water will enter the mosque if it rains with the wind. The wind disturbed the tarps when the congregation was praying. 

The residents also assisted in the temporary construction of the Abdir Rida Mosque. They use materials with low costs. The residents failed to collect funds due to their poor economic conditions.

"Most of the residents are farmers or farm laborers. Their earnings are volatile, depending on the harvest and the people who employ them. The income is only sufficient to meet the family's needs," he elaborated.

Given the state of the Abdir Rida Mosque, ACT Mamuju tries to assist in the mosque's reconstruction. The goal is for residents to have a more proper mosque so that worship can be much more peaceful. []