Food Aid and Quran Copies Enhance the Ugandans' Ramadan Spirit

Food Aid and Quran Copies Enhance the Ugandans' Ramadan Spirit' photo

ACTNews, BUDUDA - Dry and parched land has been something with which the people of Uganda in Eastern Africa have been familiar. Like many other African countries, many of the total 23 million population of this country are poor.

In late April 2019, Global Zakat - Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) visited Bududa District in Eastern Uganda.

In Bududa, Global Zakat - ACT distributed food for hundreds of poor families. Some of them are the victims of the mudslides that happened in 2018 where dozens were killed and hundreds were reportedly missing.

“We distributed the packages on Sunday (4/21). There were 200 beneficiaries who are relatives of the people who were killed by the mudslides as well as other poor families,” explained Said Mukaffiy of Global Humanity Response (GHR) - ACT, Friday (5/3).

The food packages were distributed to help the Muslims in Uganda to fulfill their needs during Ramadan. Apart from staple food, Global Zakat - ACT also distributed copies of the Quran to the beneficiaries, including children who are still studying in madrasas.

In Uganda, Islam is still a minority. Many of the Muslim children have no access to proper religious education. One of the primary causes is the lack of facilities such as religious books in madrasas. The distribution of the Quran copies will hopefully be able to support the Ugandans, especially children, in studying Islam.  

“They lack facilities and supplies to study Islam, including copies of the Quran, so that they have not enough understanding about the religion that they embrace,” added Mukaffiy.

Not only in Bududa, the distributions of staple food and copies of the Quran were also done in other areas such as Natumba, Butaleju, Sironko, Mbale, Bulambuli, Namakwekwe, Busano, Ndega, and Nakunsi. There were at least 1,240 beneficiaries. One of them expressed his gratefulness for the aid. “To all the people of Indonesia, we thank you for the food aid to nourish the children. The Quran copies are also extremely helpful for us to read and learn,” said one of the beneficiaries in late April. []