Food Aid Reaches Impoverished People in Bosnia

Assistance from Indonesian people through ACT continues to come to Muslims in many countries, including to hundreds of Muslims in Bosnia. This July, ACT distributed 2,000 kilograms of food packages to four locations in Bosnia.

ACT team prepares staple food packages to be distributed to several locations in Bosnia.
ACT team prepares staple food packages to be distributed to several locations in Bosnia. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA – Food packages from Indonesian benefactors donated through Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) have been distributed not only to the hungry and needy at home but also to many other countries around the world that rarely receives attention from aid agencies.

Bosnia is one of them, which is the host to a lot of migrants from Middle Eastern countries. The majority of the migrants are underprivileged families, migrants without companions, and children without parents.

It is estimated that thousands of people in Bosnia are living in critical humanitarian problems. Covid-19 has made the situation even worse. Based on data from World Health Organization, as of Friday (7/16/2021), there were 205,267 positive cases of Covid-19 in Bosnia, with deaths up to 9,665 cases.

Responding to the situation, ACT provided 2,000 kilograms of food packages which were distributed to four locations in Bosnia including Ačanica, Doborovci, Doboj Istok, and Tuzla Canton. The distribution targeted Bosnian Muslim families including migrants, underprivileged families, and orphans.

“This is proof that ACT's assistance can reach Muslims in a far distance across the world. Insha Allah, we will continue this effort with the incoming assistance from Generous Benefactors," said Firdaus Guritno from ACT’s Global Humanity Response (GHR) Team, Monday (7/19/2021).

The food packages consisted of rice, salt, cooking oil, canned beef, wheat, beans, and other foodstuffs. Hundreds of people have benefited from the food packages which were purchased locally in Bosnia. “The staple food was bought in Bosnia. Insha Allah, it will also be beneficial for the local economy,” said Firdaus.[]