Food Careline Service Sends Food to Siti Julaiha’s Family Amid Activity Restriction

The pandemic and the Emergency PPKM have drastically reduced the income of Siti Julaiha's husband. This makes Julaiha’s family often eat almost expired bread.

Siti Julaiha
Siti Julaiha receives ready-to-eat meals from Food Careline Services. (ACTNews/Muhamad Ubaidillah)

ACTNews, EAST JAKARTA – The Covid-19 pandemic and Emergency PPKM have put pressure on Siti Julaiha's family. Siti Julaiha is a resident of Duren Sawit Village, Duren Sawit District, East Jakarta. Her husband works as a bread seller. He peddles his sales every day. Unfortunately, current activity-restriction regulations have made his sales often unsold.

Siti Julaiha met ACTNews on Tuesday (7/27/2021). She says that many housing estates are closed make it difficult for Julaiha's husband to market his sales. Not only that, the limitation of community activities, which is only until 08.00 p.m, also makes the opportunity to sell narrow.

“Due to the pandemic, the bread sold is few. Many housing estates are closed, so sellers are not allowed. My husband often has trouble finding his way because many roads are closed. No one is doing activities until the evening, so selling until the evening will not get more customers," said Julia, Tuesday (7/27/2021).

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, her husband could earn IDR 250,000 a day. Since the pandemic, his profits have been reduced by 60 percent. Sometimes, he goes home empty-handed.

“If we don’t have money, we eat almost expired bread. If we eat fresh bread, we will lose even more. Instead of not being able to eat, it's better to eat what's available," she said.

Amid these difficulties, Julaiha used ACT’s Food Careline Services. According to her, the service helped her family avoid starvation. Moreover, she did not have to cook because she received ready-to-eat meals.

Alhamdulillah, this helps us. Hopefully, all who took part in preparing this service will receive a good reward from Allah. Thank you, ACT,” explained Julaiha.[]