Food for Syrian Refugees in the Beginning of Ramadan

Food for Syrian Refugees in the Beginning of Ramadan

ACTNews, IDLIB - Machines roared from the inside of a bakery in Jenubiyeh, Idlib, Syria. The steam and the sweet scent of freshly baked bread can be smelled throughout the bakery. Even though the heat is scorching, thousands of bread is produced inside this factory.

In Tramla, Idlib, the same exact thing is also happening--thousands of bread for Syrian is also produced here. The bread, which only produced with the best ingredients, will be packaged and distributed to the Syrian in Jenubiyeh and Tramla.

Since April 2019, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has been distributing the freshly baked bread from the two factories for the Syrians. Each of the families will get a package which consists of ten loaves of bread. They will receive the package every day, even during Ramadan.

“Each family will get two packages of bread. In a day, ACT distributes 20,000 pieces of bread for the Syrians in Idlib,” said Firdaus Guritno from Global Humanity Response (GHR) - ACT team on Thursday (9/5).

Previously, ACT’s bakery is located in Reyhanli, Turkey. However, for Ramadan, the bakeries are moved into Syria, in order to be able to provide bread to the residents of Idlib--one of the major cities that affected by conflict. “Orphans, widows, and people with disabilities are the main beneficiaries of the bread,” said Firdaus.

Other than Idlib, to welcome Ramadan 1440 H, ACT will also distribute food packages for Syrian refugees in Reyhanli, Turkey. In collaboration with Wardah, 35 families have received food packages prior to Ramadan, Sunday (5/5).

The delivery is held in one of the orphanages in Reyhanli. Mehdi, one of the managers of the orphanages expressed his gratitude for this aid, especially for Ramadan. “Indonesia and ACT have always provided and taken care of the children in orphanage routinely--they help us with food, renovation costs, and winter supply aid,” said Mehdi. []