Food Packages for Lebak Flood Victims

Flash flood that hit Lebak has left sorrow among the locals to this day. They still need both food and shelter after their houses were destroyed by the flood.

Food Packages for Lebak Flood Victims' photo
The distribution of food packages to the flood-affected residents in the first week of February 2020 was done in collaboration with the locals to make sure the aid packages reach the flood victims. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LEBAK - The flash flood that hit Sajira Subdistrict of Lebak Regency has left sadness to this day. Even though the disaster happened a month ago, the local residents are still suffering from the impacts. Around 930 people are still staying in evacuation sites after their homes were damaged by the flash flood.

One of the areas that was severely damaged was Susukan Hamlet, Bungurmekar Village, Sajira Subdistrict. The bridge that becomes the main access to the village was damaged, forcing the locals to cross the river using emergency rafts made of used bamboo or drums.

In addition, they are also in need of food aid because their food supplies have started to decrease as the emergency response ended. For this reason, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) collaborated with Turkiye Diyanet Vakfi (TDV), a humanitarian agency from Turkey, to distribute food packages in the first week of February 2020.

Khoirunnisak from the Global Philanthropy Network - ACT team said that the aid was distributed  to the residents affected by the flash flood in Lebak. "The access to the village that is still cut off makes it difficult for the residents to get adequate food supplies. ACT collaborated with TDV in early February to fulfill their need," explained Khoirunnisak.

Handover of food packages from ACT and TDV to flood-affected residents in Lebak. (ACTNews)

The aid distribution was assisted by volunteers and residents. Using emergency rafts that the locals constructed, these food packages were sent to the evacuation sites. The team had to cross the river because of the damaged bridge.

Besides Lebak, ACT and Turkiye Diyanet Vakfi also distributed aid to other flood-affected areas. A total of 340 food packages were distributed to two sub-districts in Lebak and Banten. The beneficiaries of this distribution were the victims of the flash floods and landslides in early 2020.

Previously at the beginning of 2020, heavy rain hit various regions, including Lebak, Banten. The river flowing through Sajira Subdistrict overflowed due to the high water volume, leading to the flash flood that hit residents' homes.

The flood in early January 2020 was the first flood for residents in Sajira Mekar Village. The rain that poured down since New Year's Eve led to the flood in the morning. By noon, the flood receded, but, suddenly at 11 WIB, a massive flash flood hit Sajira Mekar. []