Food Packages for Timor Tengah Selatan

Food Packages for Timor Tengah Selatan

ACTNews, TIMOR TENGAH SELATAN – Ramadan hasn’t stopped spreading its grace, just like Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Team hasn’t felt tired to give the dedication to Muslims in every corner of Indonesia. On Tuesday (5/6), Kapal Ramadan ACT 2018 distributed Ramadan groceries packages in some locations in Timor Tengah Selatan district, Nusa Tenggara Timur province.

There were five points of distribution: Soe, Naomuke, Kuanfatu Nakmufa, and Oehani. Soe was the first point to be reached by the team. Muslims in this small town received 203 Ramadan packages.

The second point was Naomuke in Amanuban Selatan subdistrict. It took the team a more arduous journey to reach Naomuke, a long road less traveled by consisted of lush forest and river full of rocks. However, ACT Team still managed to arrive at the point. They distributed 30 Ramadan packages to Muslims at the scene.

The next hamlet to receive Ramadan groceries packages was Kuanfatu hamlet in Kuanpatu subdistrict. In this hamlet, 22 packages were unloaded and distributed to all Muslims.

Last but not least, Ramadan groceries packages were distributed in two hamlets in Kualin subdistrict, Nakmufa and Oehani. Muslims in Nakmufa received 48 Ramadan packages, while Muslims in Oehani received 50 packages.

Although Ramadan groceries packages in Timor Tengah Selatan have been distributed and received by Muslims in five distribution locations, there are still packages that have yet to be delivered. Boentuka, a small town in close proximity to Soe, with its 50 families, will be the next beneficiaries. The next distribution will be continued tomorrow with door to door system, Insha Allah. []


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