Food Shortage Haunts Over One Million Palestinians

The food crisis continues to haunt the Palestinian population due to the ongoing blockade.

Food Shortage Haunts Over One Million Palestinians' photo
Children in Gaza enjoying nutritious meals from the Indonesian Public Kitchen for Palestine. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA - Food shortages have become a nightmare that haunts the Palestinian people. The UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees reports, as written by the Anadolu Agency on Saturday (6/20), that around one million Palestinian refugees face food shortages due to Israel's continuing blockade.

In the midst of the ongoing food scarcity, Indonesia has continued to show support for the Palestinians. Meal packages delivered by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) volunteers have regularly reached the residents of Gaza. Recently, meal packages consisting of rice, chicken and vegetables was sent to the residents of Atatra in North Gaza.

Some 250 people savored lunch from ACT last Thursday (6/18). Said Mukaffiy of ACT's Global Humanity Response Team explained, the meal package distribution is one of ACT’s regular programs for Palestine. The meal packages were prepared in the Indonesian Public Kitchen for Palestine.

"These meal packages were provided to underprivileged families and orphans in Gaza with many regions that have been reached by our volunteers,” added Said.

In a statement on the World Refugee Day, Jamal al-Khoudary, chairman of the Popular Committee to End Gaza's Seige, said “a genuine decline” in support from donors has had “serious repercussions on the Palestinian refugees in Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem and other Arab states.”

Moreover, he said, Israel’s blockade on Gaza since 2006 has resulted in skyrocketing levels of poverty and unemployment in the besieged area. []